HR Tune Up

Beyond our executive search expertise, Sterling Martin’s team has a wide range of knowledge and experience in human resources management. We offer a comprehensive, flat-fee HR Tune Up; an assessment service that can help you protect yourself and your organization.
    Are you confident that your HR policies are up to date? Consider this:
          • Fines for I-9 errors can be more than $2,000 per violation, plus penalties in the tens of thousands for hiring undocumented workers
          • Fines for improperly classifying an employee as a 1099 consultant start at $5,000, plus back taxes per employee.
          • Fines for failing to provide a W-2 or obtain a Social Security number are $50 each instance.
          • Fines for failing to pay overtime to a non-exempt employee start at $50-100 for each pay period not paid, plus back overtime, interest, and legal fees as necessary.
    Our assessments include reviews of:
        • remote workforce compliance, policies and procedures
        • job descriptions and classifications of employees and contractors
        • existing employee policy manual and/or employment policies
        • offer letters and new hire processes
        • employee files and recordkeeping
        • legal compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws
        • termination processes, including separation letters, and unemployment compliance
    During the assessment, we address any “low-hanging fruit” at no additional cost (e.g., reorganizing employee files, providing updated forms). Within two business days of completing an assessment, we provide a detailed report that outlines risk areas and top priorities for bringing an organization into compliance.
    If—upon reviewing those results—you determine that there are targeted areas where you’d like further assistance, Sterling Martin can provide hourly consulting services. Our goal is to help you address these issues within weeks, sometimes just days, so you can get back to the business of running your organization.
    The HR consulting services we provide include:
        • new hire orientations
        • employee handbook creation
        • employee relations and investigations
        • employee policy and procedure development
        • job description development
        • employee performance issues
        • management training and development
        • benefits administration
        • compensation
        • recruiting administration (placing ads, screening and interviewing, reference checking)
        • terminations and layoffs
        • payroll

    Contact [email protected] to learn more about our HR Tune Up and hourly HR consulting services.