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David Martin, CEO of Sterling Martin Associates Answers Questions Related to Executive Hiring, Job Interviews & Recruiting

(As previously published in CEO Update)

July 18, 2018


How much do you use tools like LinkedIn as a tool for finding candidates? How important is a LinkedIn profile?

AnswerImportance of a LinkedIn Profile

We frequently use LinkedIn as a tool for finding candidates. In today’s world dominated by social media it is very important to have a complete, updated LinkedIn profile. If you want to be found by recruiters you should be on LinkedIn.

Your profile should be as complete as possible including your organization’s name (not acronym unless that is the name), titles, duties, responsibilities, dates, etc. for every job; a full career history. Also, include a professional headshot (picture). In the education section list the degree conferred, otherwise we could assume you did not complete your degree. We do a lot of key word searching and Boolean searches so the more information you provide the more likely you are to be found on a search.

There is another important reason to be on LI. Many positions, such as CEO or membership, require that the person is a “good networker” who is frequently out speaking and promoting the organization. Having a complete LI profile reinforces that. I have had clients say to me “We are looking for a good networker but they don’t even have a LI profile.” It is one part of the overall picture of you as a candidate.

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