Association of Nurse Midwives

Chief Executive Officer

The Opportunity

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), located in Silver Spring, MD, is conducting a search for its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Founded in 1955, ACNM is a 6,500-member professional membership organization representing certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) and certified midwives (CMs) across the United States. ACNM’s CEO will report to the College’s Board of Directors and will work strategically to achieve the ACNM vision, while ensuring the effective day-to-day delivery of programs, Board policies, and relevant professional and ethical standards.

ACNM: An Overview

ACNM’s mission is to support midwives and to ultimately advance the practice of midwifery, achieving optimal health for all women throughout their lifespan. To accomplish its goals, ACNM aspires to improve expertise in well-woman and gynecologic care, prioritizing optimal pregnancy, physiologic birth, postpartum care, and neonatal care. ACNM upholds the practice of midwifery by promoting education, research, and advocacy that advances clinical excellence; advocating for the expansion of a diverse midwifery workforce; and lobbying for equitable legislation, regulation, and institutional policies that establish midwifery as the standard of care for women. The organization has a staff of 23 and a $5.5M operating budget.

About ACNM’s Members

The College is open to CNMs, CMs, students enrolled in midwifery education programs accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME), and any other interested professionals. Its members are primary care providers for women throughout their lifespans, with a special emphasis on pregnancy, childbirth, and gynecologic and reproductive health.

About ACNM’s Work

ACNM’s approach of listening to women, respecting their insights, and recognizing them as experts in their health is reflected in the midwifery model of care. ACNM believes that this model can serve as an accessible solution to improved maternal health and the growing problem of health inequity.

The College is in the final year of a five-year strategic plan that includes five Core Commitments which are:

  • Diversification and Inclusion
  • Leadership Development
  • Research
  • Interprofessionalism
  • Communications

The Five Domains of the strategic plan are as follows:

  • Supporting Our Members
  • Supporting Our Affiliates
  • National Advancement of Midwifery and Women’s Health
  • Global Engagement
  • Organizational Capacity

This year, ACNM added an additional area of focus: support for the World Health Organization’s designation of 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. ANCM has been celebrating the achievements of CNMs/CMs, sharing the value of the midwifery profession with the public and potential future midwives, advocating for better integration of midwives and the midwifery model of care into health systems, and raising awareness about physiologic birth and maternal health.

Structure of ACNM

ACNM is led by a 15-member Board of Directors comprised of four officers, seven regional representatives, the Midwives of Color Committee (MOCC) Representative, the Student Representative, an At-Large Midwife of Color Representative, an At-Large Consumer Representative, and the CEO. At the national level, several committees, caucuses, task forces address specific priorities for the College. At the local level, ACNM works through its network of 55 affiliates (one for each U.S. state, as well as for Puerto Rico, the U.S, Virgin Islands, the Uniformed Health Services, and the Indian Health Services/Tribal Affiliate).

The ACNM Midwives-PAC was formed in 2000 to solicit voluntary contributions from members to support the organization’s advocacy efforts. The PAC is governed by a separate 12-member Board of Directors. Its operations are overseen by the ACNM CEO and Advocacy & Government Affairs staff.

The A.C.N.M. Foundation, Inc., is ACNM’s 501c(3) Type III supporting organization. It is governed by a 14-member Board of Directors, and it employs its own CEO.

CEO Role and Responsibilities

The CEO is appointed by, employed by, and responsible to the Board of Directors, which establishes ACNM policy and strategic direction. The CEO serves as the chief staff executive; among other responsibilities, they organize, direct, and manage the financial, human resources, and programmatic activities of the College; work with the Board, staff, volunteer leadership, and members to achieve ACNM’s mission and strategic objectives; and represent the College in its relationships with other organizations and government bodies.

The CEO performs all functions consistent with best practices, legal requirements, the corporate bylaws, policies, and Board requirements. The CEO is supervised and evaluated annually by the President and Personnel Committee (with respect to the operation and administration of the National Office) and by the Board (concerning the implementation of Board and corporate policies).  

Critical Competencies for Success

Strategy and Change Leadership  

  • Coordinate a strategic planning process every five years. Work cooperatively with the Board to establish organizational goals, objectives, and priorities.
  • Define, communicate, and lead the execution of major change initiatives, including changes required at a system level that are needed to achieve the ACNM vision.
  • Coordinate member and staff support for executing strategic priorities, assessing results, and proposing to the Board needed planning innovations and adjustments.
  • Work with others to formulate and implement innovative initiatives that improve program delivery in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensure that adequate resources are allocated to priority elements of the College’s strategic priorities and Board policies.


  • Provide and ensure appropriate support for the Board and volunteer leadership.
  • Supervise the preparation of Board meeting agendas, attend Board meetings, accurately report on the status of the organization and its programs, and make evidence-based, data-driven recommendations to the Board.
  • Communicate and consult regularly with the Board concerning organizational matters and opportunities.
  • Oversee the development and revision of corporate policies for Board review and approval.
  • Ensure that Board and volunteer leadership and component actions and activities conform to the ACNM Bylaws and applicable legal requirements.

Administration and Operations

  • Oversee the operation of the National Office, which includes oversight of the human resources, financial, and program functions.
  • Accurately communicate Board policies and decisions to staff.
  • Oversee the implementation and management of all ACNM programs.
  • Evaluate and monitor association management systems.
  • Ensure the preparation, preservation, and protection of proprietary property and records.

Financial Management

  • Work with the Finance and Audit Committee and appropriate staff to develop and recommended an annual budget.
  • Ensure excellence in financial management by monitoring income and expenditures. Report quarterly (or more often, as needed) on the operating budget and the investment performance to the Board and the Finance and Audit Committee. Include periodic reforecasts and adjustment recommendations, in order to achieve a favorable year-end bottom line.
  • Secure an annual audit performed by qualified auditors for presentation to the Board.
  • Work with Board representatives to select and oversee an investment advisor for the organization’s investment portfolio. Monitor performance of the advisor and the corporate portfolio, and ensure adherence to investment policies and achievement of financial goals.
  • Negotiate and execute appropriate and reasonable contracts, consistent with Board and corporate policies.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for developing non-dues revenue, including external partnerships, domestic and global grants, and product development.

Staff Development and Supervision

  • Provide mission-driven, strategic leadership and management in partnership with the Board.
  • Establish, develop, and supervise appropriate staff training and staff development programs.
  • Outline expectations for staff consistent with the scopes of work outlined in their job descriptions.
  • Implement appropriate annual staff performance review processes, as outlined in the employee handbook.
  • Foster excellence in the College’s management and programs.

Program Management

  • Recommend, develop, and modify ACNM programs, consistent with Board policies and ACNM strategic priorities.
  • Seek opportunities for programmatic growth. Solicit and consider staff and member input on possible new programs or potential modifications to existing programs.
  • Encourage the development of program proposals (including funding plans) for Board review. Foster the development of programs that will attract a diversified membership and that will remain relevant to current and future generations.
  • Facilitate communication and coordination to promote ACNM programs among volunteer leadership, staff, members, and other organizations.

Member Engagement and Events

  • Oversee the development of a portfolio of programs, events, valued services, and resources that supports the recruitment and retention of members.
  • Encourage the use of social media and other relevant technologies to engage members.
  • Facilitate coordination among, engagement of, and support for the ACNM affiliates.
  • Oversee the planning and execution of ACNM’s annual meeting and other in-person and virtual programming.
  • Interact with members to ensure bidirectional communication.

External Relations, Advocacy, and Global Outreach  

  • Serve as a primary ACNM public spokesperson.
  • Promote the organization’s mission and programs by effectively and diplomatically communicating ACNM’s philosophy and goals.
  • Strengthen ties with other organizations consistent with ACNM’s mission and strategic priorities. Help ACNM take a leadership role in the national coalitions and committees in which it participates.
  • Ensure the timely release of newsworthy information through the media.
  • Oversee advocacy initiatives to promote ACNM strategic priorities related to Federal and State legislation and policy and regulatory and governmental affairs.
  • Represent ACNM with elected and appointed officials, at hearings and other events.
  • Inspire members to support advocacy efforts.
  • Provide leadership for the Go Global program, which strengthens the capacity of midwives and other health care professionals in developing countries.
  • Work collaboratively with international organizations on professional training, continuing education, and community education programs.
  • Maintain and cultivate strong ties with The A.C.N.M. Foundation, Inc., ACNM’s 501(c)(3) Type III supporting organization. Work collaboratively with the Foundation’s CEO to sustain an effective, accountable interrelationship between the Boards and staffs of both organizations, as well as with other stakeholders (e.g., ACNM volunteers and donors of all types, including individuals, foundations, and corporations).
  • Assist the ACNM President in their role as a voting member of the A.C.N.M. Foundation.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Qualities

  • 10-plus years of organizational leadership. Experience in a professional membership association a plus.
  • Certified Association Executive (CAE) desired.
  • Experience working in a health care-related organization highly desired.
  • Exposure to setting an organization’s vision and strategy in collaboration with a governing Board. An understanding of Board governance. Experience working with an affiliate-based structure is desired.
  • Operational, business, and financial management experience.
  • An exceptional communicator who listens deeply and articulates an organization’s priorities and strategic direction in a clear, compelling manner. Experience serving as an effective, visible advocate and spokesperson for an organization.
  • Strong track record developing, managing, and motivating a high-performing staff team. Ability to delegate and ensure high level of customer service/satisfaction.
  • Experience developing and launching new products and services for an organization.


A competitive compensation package will be offered to attract an outstanding candidate.

To Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and current résumé (Microsoft Word® format preferred) to [email protected]. The cover letter should outline how your experience fits the requirements of the position as this will be an important factor in considering your candidacy.

ACNM is an equal opportunity / affirmative action employer committed to inclusion and cultural diversity in the workplace. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, color, age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual preference, genetic information, or any other protected class.

Additional Information

For more information, contact:

Sterling Martin Associates
1025 Connecticut Avenue | Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036

David S. Martin | Managing Partner
[email protected]

Leigh Beal | Vice President, Executive Recruiting
[email protected]
(347) 804-4237