Perspectives – For Job Seekers

Developing an Exit Strategy: Closing the Door Gently

By Gail E. Aldrich

So, you’ve found the perfect new job, and now it’s time to move on from your current organization. After fantasizing for weeks, months, maybe even years about how you are going to get out, it’s time to think about the best way to leave. You may feel like sneaking out the back door or possibly slamming the door (especially in the face of the boss who never appreciated how talented you are), but the best exit strategy in most cases is to close the door gently. Read More

Why Wasn’t I Considered for the Job | Top Reasons Your Resume Was Set Aside

By Virginia O’Brien Record | Sterling Martin Associates

As executive recruiters, we review literally hundreds of candidate portfolios for every search we undertake. In addition to posting our clients’ positions on various websites, we reach out directly to candidates and referral sources in order to find what we like to call “non-candidates” – people who are not engaged in an active search. Read More

Five Common Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid

by David S. Martin | Managing Partner | Sterling Martin Associates

As Executive Search Consultants, we have a unique perspective on the interviewing process. In today’s extremely competitive job market, it is more important than ever to avoid obvious gaffes in your interview, mistakes that are sure to knock you out of contention. Here are five easily-correctable errors I have observed that caused candidates to be disqualified. Read More

Do’s and Don’ts: Preparing To Work With An Executive Recruiter

By David S. Martin | Managing Partner | Sterling Martin Associates

Preparing yourself to work with an executive recruiter should be similar to preparing for any job interview. Look your best, and do some advance research. If you know the client (of the search firm) you are planning to discuss with the recruiter, demonstrate you have done some research on that organization. If it is a more general interview, do some research on the recruiter and the search firm. Remember that the recruiter is hired by the client organization and is an extension of that client during the course of the search. You want them to feel confident about presenting you to their client. Read More

To Leave or Not to Leave | The Value of Planning for Your Executive Departure

By Karen D. Conlon, MCAM | President & CEO | Sequoia Grove Consulting

When is it time to leave? All association CEOs ask themselves this question at some point in their career, especially when facing difficulties with board members. But choosing to leave the CEO role isn’t always about those bumps in the road. I’ve known several CEOs who determined it was time to leave when their jobs were moving along quite smoothly. The answer to the question is not only a personal one but most definitely not an easy decision. I made and announced my decision to leave in December 2013. Read More

Second Round Interview Strategies: Some Approaches to Make You a Winner

By David S. Martin | Managing Partner | Sterling Martin Associates

First of all, go under the assumption that the organization is also inviting back other candidates. It will be a competitive situation, and often, the person who does the extra homework or research may be the one selected. Can you do something extra like talking with a member of the association? Read More