The American Society of Breast Surgeons

Executive Director

The Opportunity

The American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) is seeking its next Executive Director. The ASBrS, a 501(c)(6) organization, operates with an annual budget of $4 million and maintains an office in Columbia, MD, with a staff of 15 professionals. The ASBrS is the primary leadership organization for general surgeons who treat patients with breast disease.

In addition to setting the strategic direction for the ASBrS, the Executive Director will lead all administrative, financial, and operational functions of the society, and will play a key role in advocating for issues that impact the profession and its membership. The Executive Director will represent the ASBrS at the annual meeting and attend four Board meetings per year. The Executive Director will report to the president of the board of directors.

This position can be based at the organization’s headquarters in Columbia, MD, or be based virtually with the expectation that the Executive Director will work from the Maryland office on a routine basis to help maintain a high-functioning team environment.

ASBrs: An Overview

The ASBrS is the primary leadership organization for general surgeons who treat patients with breast disease. The organization is committed to continually improving the practice of breast surgery by serving as an advocate for surgeons who seek excellence in the care of breast patients.

Founded in 1995, the ASBrS has grown to more than 3,000 members in the U.S. and more than 50 countries worldwide. Membership is open to general surgeons, non-surgeon physicians, allied healthcare professionals, residents, and fellows with a special interest in breast disease.

The ASBrS hosts an annual meeting, the only event in the medical field dedicated primarily to issues that impact surgeons who treat breast disease. At this event and through in-person and online programs, the ASBrS offers certification and continuing education workshops and classes, as well as facility accreditation programs. These include the Mastery of Breast Surgery Program, a signature quality-improvement initiative, and certifications for breast ultrasound and stereotactic breast procedures. The ASBrS offers networking opportunities for members through its events and online community forums. The organization also maintains a close, collaborative relationship with the ASBrS Foundation, a separate 501(c)3 that provides education and resources for people facing breast cancer.

The Executive Director Role

The Executive Director of the ASBrS is responsible for the administration and success of the organization. Responsibility for keeping the President, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and staff fully informed of all issues influencing and impacting the organization resides with the Executive Director. The Executive Director attends and reports at all Executive Committee and Board meetings.

Strategic Priorities for the Executive Director

The Executive Director is tasked with addressing the following priorities:

Promote the Mission

  • Enhance the visibility of ASBrS within the medical field and to the public.
  • Maintain ASBrS’s reputation as a well-respected leader in quality health education.
  • Advocate for issues that impact the profession and its members.
  • Position the ASBrS as a leading provider of education for breast cancer professionals.

Contribute to Member and Organizational Success

  • Proactively monitor advances in the healthcare industry and breast health field to stay current with and meet evolving membership needs.
  • Cultivate the pipeline of future professionals working in the field of breast disease.
  • Identify and secure new and continued funding sources and revenue streams for the ASBrS.
  • Provide value and engagement at every touchpoint for members.
  • Explore, develop, and maximize partnerships that support the mission.

Maintain and Strengthen Trust

  • Establish and maintain trusted relationships within the healthcare profession.
  • Promote beneficial working relationships and collaboration between the board of directors, the organizational staff, members, and the ASBrS Foundation.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Plan, lead and oversee day-to-day activities and programs, including certification, patient registry, and research programs, and maintain ACCME accreditation for educational activities.
  • Execute all contracts, commitments, and decisions authorized by the board.
  • Safeguard and administer all funds, physical assets, and other property.
  • Ensure the organization is in full compliance with all local, state, and federal rules governing corporate, research, and program activities.
  • Develop and oversee the annual membership meeting and conference.
  • Perform essential duties to plan and execute the annual meeting, which include: running the RFP process, negotiating hotels, developing a marketing campaign, developing the program, and implementing strategies for generating revenue.

Strategic and Financial Leadership

  • Work with the Executive Committee to formulate new policy and recommend modifications to existing policy that will further the mission of the organization.
  • Develop, oversee, and monitor the annual budget for the ASBrS.
  • Invest the organization’s reserves with the advice and consent of the finance committee and in accordance with established policy.
  • Working with an outside accounting firm, oversee all financial management responsibilities. These include paying bills, depositing money, preparing and analyzing internal financial statements and annual audit, authorizing payroll, and signing company tax returns.
  • Work collaboratively with the Executive Director of the ASBrS Foundation to help promote the mission and programs of the ASBrS.

Staff and Volunteer Leadership

  • Engage, train, and manage all staff, applying board-approved employee policies and benefits in accordance with federal and state requirements.
  • Recommend increases or decreases in staff to the Executive Committee.
  • Determine and balance roles, duties, and responsibilities of the office staff, including promotions or terminations.
  • Serve as the liaison and administrative resource to the board of directors through the president and Executive Committee.
  • Facilitate the engagement of volunteers to achieve the organization’s goals.
  • Oversee and facilitate administrative support for more than 30 active volunteer committees.

Communications and Marketing

  • Oversee all communication and outreach efforts including publications, educational materials, website content, and social media.
  • Represent the public face of the organization at its events and meetings.
  • Maintain and develop positive, effective relationships with staff, the board of directors, and members.
  • Actively reach out to and network with executives of associations, businesses, and industries related to the profession.

Candidate Profile

Required Skills, Experience, and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in health, business, or a related field is required. An advanced degree is desirable.
  • Proven team leader with at least eight years of organizational leadership at an executive level required. Experience in an association or healthcare environment a plus.
  • Experience with continuing medical education and knowledge of ACCME rules desirable.
  • Experience building and strengthening partnerships for both fundraising and programmatic purposes.
  • Experience with financial oversight of an organizational budget of $3 million or more preferred.
  • Exceptional budget development and management skills including budget forecasting, preparation, analysis, decision-making, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Strong organizational abilities including planning, program development, and facilitation.
  • Strong collaborative, team building, and facilitation skills.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills.
  • An understanding of and appreciation for technology tools for an organization. Ability to travel as needed for business. Ability to work a flexible schedule with periodic evening and weekend hours to participate in events, committee and board meetings, and other functions.
  • Travel is required.

Personal Qualities

In addition to the qualifications listed above, the Executive Director must have these characteristics:

  • Thinks strategically and takes an innovative approach to managing resources and developing opportunities.
  • Passion for and long-term commitment to excellence in healthcare.
  • Committed to the long-term success and progress of the field.
  • Dependable, emotionally intelligent, and self-aware.
  • Open-minded, collaborative, and inclusive, seeking and encouraging idea-sharing and engagement from stakeholders before making decisions.
  • Manages change using a transparent, creative approach that boosts staff morale.
  • Personable, approachable, and available to staff, board, members, and other stakeholders.
  • Positive attitude and inspirational personality.
  • Resilient, adaptable, and able to respond to a rapidly changing environment.
  • Demonstrates commitment to continued professional growth and development.
  • Able to handle complex challenges in an effective, professional manner.


A competitive compensation package will be offered to attract an outstanding candidate.

To Apply

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ASBrS is an equal opportunity / affirmative action employer committed to inclusion and cultural diversity in the workplace. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, color, age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other protected class.

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